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“Having information that other people want and can use gives you a virtual treasure that can flow from your experience and knowledge to your keyboard and on to your bank account.”

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Click Here to subscribe to your One-Stop-Shop to Creating & Growing A Successful Web Business.
Click Here to subscribe to your One-Stop-Shop to Creating & Growing A Successful Web Business.


WordPress: The #1 blog publishing platform online. I run all of my blogs on WordPress – it’s free and extremely customizable, and works well for hosting your own products.

Domain Management
Namecheap makes registering, hosting, and managing domains easy and affordable, because the internet needs people.


Hostgator – A vital tool for your online business. Hostgator takes care of all your hosting needs. Very affordable and incredibly reliable. I am using Hostgator with no problems

Amazon S3: The Amazon Simple Storage Service – a great place to store and publish almost all of your videos. They have extremely reliable internet storage, which is great for hosting large files like videos and podcasts. Using Amazon S3 you’ll never have to worry about running into bandwith problems. This can be extremely helpful – especially when you’re running a product launch.

EZS3 – Ok, so now you have your files uploaded to Amazon S3 but how do you publish those files and create video players that you can post to your website? That’s where EZS3 comes in.

EZS3 takes the technical side out of it – allowing you to quickly and easily upload your files, create video players, mp3 players, and then upload your media onto your website. Plus, they also have a complete stats program to show you exactly how many people viewed your video, listened to your podcast, or read your pdf.

Other Essentials:

FileZilla – Free FTP software

Survey Monkey – Create custom surveys in minutes in order to get feedback from your subscribers.

YouTube-mp3.org – is the easiest online service for converting videos to mp3. You do not need an account, the only thing you need is a YouTube URL. You can use it with your Mac, a Linux PC or even an iPhone. All conversions will be perfomed in high quality mode with a bitrate of at least 128 kBit/s. The service is completely free.

YouConvertIt.com – A Free online conversion tool that allows you to convert a nearly unlimited type of media file formats, including documents, images, audio, videos, etc… Convert your files to different formats quickly and easily.

Create Your Own 3D eBook Cover Online
MyEcoverMaker is an easy to use point-and-click online tool to create ebook covers without the need for expensive software like photoshop and plugins to create stunning 3D eCovers.
MyeCoverMaker is a webware application that will enable you to create a rich cover for any eBook or software application of yours, in a quick and elegant way. Using the provided interface, it doesn’t take up more than five minutes to create a cover from scratch. It is all a mere question of choosing a cover template, picking a background from the many that are available (or uploading one of you very own), and then proceeding to customize it. You can add graphics and apply effects to the image – you can flip it, and blur it, change the contrast. Of course, you can add text to it as well.


Shopping Carts:

– #1 Digital product marketplace online – to start selling your very own product and start recruiting affiliates.

Nanacast – a powerful sales automation, premium content delivery, subscriber and affiliate management system – less technical hassle. Definitey one of the shopping cart solutions you should take a close look at.

Commission Junction – a great online advertising company, operating in the affiliate marketing industry offering affiliate services and search marketing needs – to help maximize your marketing efforts.

Amazon.com – the world’s largest online retailer – a place where you can come to find and discover anything you might want to buy online.

PayPal – PayPal has become one of the easiest and most convenient ways to pay online. If you’re looking for a very simple way to accept payments on your website, PayPal will definitely do the trick.

Autoresponder Software:

Aweber – Aweber has long been known for outstanding email deliverability rates and top-notch service. You definitely can’t go wrong with Aweber. Hands-down, one of the best services online for managing your email newsletter.

List Wire – Free Autoresponders: Free and Superb in the same line! – “Autoresponders are crucial in almost every Internet Marketer’s life. You can get started using ListWire if you are tight on money and looking for cheaper alternatives to your Internet marketing endeavours. And for me, I found ListWire to be more than I had expected! Although totally Free of Charge, its features are awesome and it works just like any other autoresponder. I recommend it to whoever sees this.”

Testing & Tracking:

Google Analytics
– Track all of your incoming traffic for free. Google Analytics
provides you with an enterprise-class web analytics solution at no cost to you. Gotta love Google’s business model 🙂

Google Website Optimizer
– GWO allows you to quickly and easily split-test your squeeze pages, sales letters, etc… This is definitely a must-have tool that
EVERYONE should have in their marketing toolbox. If you’re not testing, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

Clicktale – Clicktale is a fascinating little tool that provides some very interesting insights into your business. Basically, Clicktale records how people navigate and interact with your website. It then creates visual reports that show where your visitors look, what parts of the page they’re clicking on, which parts they skip and how far down they scroll. This can help you optimize the designof the page for higher conversions.

Website Legal Forms
Website legal forms need to be generated on your blogs or websites in the United States. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has required that certain legal forms be posted on the websites. Legal Forms that should be included on a website include Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Anti-Spam Policy, External Links Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, Affiliate Agreement, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice and an Affiliate Compensation Disclosure notice.