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My name is Peter TP Wong and I’m a Webmaster, blogger, affiliate marketer, ezine-articles writer, helping others get started on their web business, the fun and easy way. Together with my co-author, Carene Lim, a well respected culinary home-chef, we have co-published evergreen home-cooking food recipes that will surely serve as a useful guide or reference in your culinary ventures. It is all about having the correct mindset and passion to learn and cook consistently to nurture your culinary skills to perfection.

hakka 10 recipesOn 31st August, 2007 we set up Hakka Connexion Gallery cum Restaurant, serving, authentic Hakka Noodles, Hakka Yong Tau Foo, Lui Cha, Pork Leg Vinegar, and Abacus Seeds, and a whole lot of other sumptuous Granny’s Hakka food dishes.

The gallery itself was no ordinary one, as it showcased the first Chief Minister of Penang, the late Tan Sri Datuk Wong Pow Nee, who was himself the 24th generation Hakka or Kejia descendant, whose roots go way back to Nibei Zhen (坭陂 镇), a town located at the central south of Xingning (興寧) which then was a county-level city, under the jurisdiction of Meizhou, in the eastern part of the Guangdong province of China.

And by tradition came with it the best of simple and delightful Hakka food choices that offered a feeling of warmth and abundance for the household!

lml ebookEvergreen home-cooking food delights constitute life’s great pleasures. Many of us passionate enough to learn to cook will always be in search of recipe books in the major store outlets. It is my greatest love to be able to share my old time favorites that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years of cooking. These recipes will surely serve as a useful guide or reference in your culinary ventures. It is all about having the correct mindset and passion to learn and cook consistently to nurture your culinary skills to perfection.

I have a passion for home-cooking, the natural way without Monosodium glutamate, or MSG (a flavor-enhancing food additive in the form of a crystalline white powder, which is then sprinkled into stir-frys and other preparations). These days, we really do need to eat healthy, yet retain the exquisite taste in our cooking.

The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow NeeI am principal author of my published book, The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee which is available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle Store.

The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee
Book Summary

The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee is a record of Pow Nee’s impeccable journey in writing national history – rising from humble beginnings as a farmer and school teacher to public office as the first Chief Minister of Penang from 1957 to 1969.

Apart from rare insights and accounts of Pow Nee’s early services and personal life, this book seeks to fill in the gaps of Penang’s post-independence developmental history, while highlighting Pow Nee’s personal struggles and major contributions during his turbulent tenure as Chief Minister. Literally and little known, Pow Nee paved the way for the birth of Penang’s industrialisation, typically on the mainland portion of the state, which later turned out a huge success under his successor, Dr. Lim Chong Eu. All of these are significant events in Penang’s modern history that mark the state’s impressive transformation from ‘swamps to semiconductors’.

Also, in uncovering the bits and pieces of national history, this book equally sheds light on Pow Nee’s ambassadorial role to Rome and his involvement in the Cobbold Commission of 1962, tasked with the responsibility of gathering opinions from East Malaysia for the formation of Malaysia. Although these formed a relatively small part of Malaysia’s rich history, Pow Nee had nevertheless played a significant role in the nation’s building process as a whole including that of Penang.

All in all, the book strives to document and share the story of the unsung patriot, who made history and faded from the scene of public life, quietly with a sense of humility, after having devoted his time and service to the nation and Penang. The end of his journey proved even more remarkable – on the very same day he made history – the morning of 31st August 2002.

I was fortunate enough to discover the wonderful world of Internet marketing in 2000. I have always loved coaching, and found a way to make it profitable thanks to the Internet. My blog uses affiliate programs for monetization, which means when you click on links to various sites that I recommend in my posts and make a purchase, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site.

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In January 2000, I was already a self-employed individual looking to make a little extra money. I had no idea I was about to embark on a journey that would allow me to earn a full-time living some years later.

I stumbled upon an affiliate program (that still exists till today, and I have been a part of this membership service ever since!) and started earning money online. From there, I was hooked and knew I was on to something.

However, I wasn’t sure what that something was or how long it would last.

Slowly but surely affiliate checks started coming in. My friends wondered what in the world I was up to!

Times were so different.

Back then, even before 2009 people didn’t make money from their computers unless they were programmers or web designers. I fit neither of those profiles, so it would appear the odds were stacked against me.

My Awakening…

Everything changed in 2009 when I began creating websites. I realized that one way to build longevity online was to build a content hub that teaches people how to do something. I was basically self-taught on building websites, using web software and making money online, I decided to use this site as a platform for teaching.

I’m no designer or programmer, but I love to share. And that’s exactly what this site aims to do — teach and share with you what I’ve learned over the years from a proven system that truly works for newbies.

Keep It Simple With Simple Basic Skills

97% of people struggle online because they make things so complicated or they try to mimmick other successful sites without realizing WHY those sites are already successful (timing, funding, passion, etc.)

You don’t have to be the next Amazon or Facebook to make money online. Not to mention, who would want to run a site that complex? I know I sure wouldn’t.

The key is to build a website on a topic that allows you to help, educate or entertain your audience in YOUR unique way. Build your individual brand of YOU through your content, social media, YouTube, etc.

Then earn money through sales of your own products, affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc.

If you want a more detailed guide on how this works, check out my website, Create Your Web Business. It’s a very practical, realistic guide to making money online today.

This blog is all about YOU and I – together we learn and share just about anything to reach our Internet Marketing goals. Inside you will find relevant ‘tips and tricks’ to help you build a successful web business that will last for years to come.

De-mystifying the entire “Make Money Online” Process requires you to constantly think what it takes to make money online, and in consequence, what is expected of you is to seize this massive opportunity to learn how and what to do next!

“A One Page Website Is All You Need To Start Making Money Online…”

Attn: Beginners and Newcomers – Get FREE INSTANT ACCESS to this Step-By-Step Blueprint.

The one key thing that always separates those that succeed from those that don’t succeed – is simply taking action.

It may seem simple, but so many people get caught up in learning and get distracted that time passes with no action. When no action is taken (not implementing what is learned), no results happen, and when no results happen, than no money is earned.

Eventually when no money is earned it leads to people being discouraged and giving up.

Sometimes action involves investing in your business, and then taking action on what you have learned.

Now is your defining moment…!

There has never been a better time to start online…

Get started TODAY – quick, easy and affordably!

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